No7 Protect & Pefect Intense Facial Sun Protection SPF 50

No7 Protect&Perfect

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Brand: No7
Category: facial sun protection
Name:Protect & Perfect Intense Facial Sun Protection SPF50
Country origin: Made in Germany for Boots
Price: £ 14
Size:30 ml
Elka’s rating / Ocena Elki : 6

Elka’s rating:

1=Wasted money
2=So so
3=Just OK
4=Very good, but not ideal /
6=Excellent, I would buy it again!


Opinion about the product: This is another sun care product I bought before my summer holidays.

I just applied it in order to give a good impression about it.

Protect & Perfect facial protects the skin of your face in this way: it has a high (50SPV) UVB filter and 5*UVA filter, it contains a patented antioxidant complex to give advanced protection against the ageing effect of the sun.

No7 facial contains a combined, intense serum to tackle existing lines and wrinkles. Does it work? It appears to work for me; of course I cannot be sure if that is due to the special complex, or maybe just the relaxing time and the sunshine, far away from the polluted city, but I can see that my face is smooth and spotless. Sometimes, UV filters are too strong and block the pores. Anyhow, I have decided to use it on an everyday basis as skin protection in the city for now, to see how it goes together with my mineral BB cream.

I applied it as recommended: 15 minutes before sun exposure, reapplied every 1-2 hours and after swimming or towelling. In had no bad skin reaction with salty see water and reapplied No7 facial-it really did the job very well.

It is a light weight, easily absorbed, no shine lotion. This is what each of us needs on summer holidays.

It has a skin brightening complex, which improves appearance of skin tone – maybe that is the reason for the almost magic effect on my skin! – whilst also preventing dark spots and hyper-pigmentation. No7 sun care facial is suitable to use under make-up as well, but I did not try that – I do not apply make up on holidays giving my skin some time off as well.

No7 Protect & Perfect comes in a small white plastic tube with a yellow tip, which has the right size to fit in your summer holiday suitcase. It’s wrapped in an additional paper box, which I found unnecessary, and consequently disposed of, as it took space in my luggage – it’s not needed and it destroys the environment. I understand that it looks more elegant in it on the shelf, but we could live without it.

The 50 ml package is the right size for me, a typical size for facial products. It’s going to work for a full week’s worth of holidays if applied a few times per day on a daily basis.

My skin improved over time as I applied this lotion. It may have been part of the reason, together with getting some sun and having a generally wonderful holiday time.

You can get it here: No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Facial Sun Protection SPF50

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One comment on “No7 Protect & Pefect Intense Facial Sun Protection SPF 50

  1. Alex says:

    I’m also a fan. Use it daily under make up: the first factor 50 I’ve found that does not look and feel like greasy white pancake! It’s a great product


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