Mandara Spa Tropical Blooms Moisturising Shower Gel

Mandara SPA Tropical Blooms shower gel

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Brand: Mandara Spa
Category: shower gel
Name: Mandara Spa Tropical Blooms Moisturising Shower Gel
Country origin: UK
Price: GBP 6.5
Size:200 ml
Elka’s rating / Ocena Elki : 6

Elka’s rating:

1=Wasted money/ wyrzucone pieniadze
2=So sood biedy mozna uzyc / So so
3=Just OK / Jest OK, ale szalu nie ma
4=Very good, but not ideal / bardzo dobry, ale nie idealny
6=Excellent, I would buy it again! Idealny-kupilabym ponownie


Opinion about the product:  Scent of this product is like the massage oil of wild flowers which I smelled while my Thai massage in the past. Heavenly.

Producer promises: “Mandara Spa Tropical Blooms Moisturising Shower Gel contains soothing aloe vera and frangipani flower milk combined with a gentle shea butter to nourish the skin and leave it lightly fragranced”.

I need to admit that all of that is true.

It has an amazing fragrance of jasmine and ylang ylang. You need to smell it once at Sainsbury’s and I am sure you will love it. It is very relaxing.

Mandara SPA shower gel ordinarily retails at £6.50 for a tube, which I think is a little on the steep side, although it is currently on offer priced at a more reasonable £4. It is worth the moments you get while having shower with this scent. The next step for me is to test their bath soak, with the same scent. It will be probably even deeper relaxation.

It is free from Sodium Laureth Sulphate, parabens and mineral oils. In fact all Mandara SPA products are free from these ingredients and they don’t use any animal ingredients except, honey, beeswax and milk. It is also suitable for sensitive skin.

Tropical Blossom shower gel is easy to squeeze out and has a good consistency – it’s neither too runny nor too thick. It is transparent red in colour and when rubbed over wet skin produces right amount of bubbles.

Mandara SPA products were sold in the past only in their SPAs’ but now you can get them at Sainsbury’s and have SPA ritual at home.

They have different scent lines, but this one is my favorite.

Tropical Blooms2

Copyright © 2014 Elkapatelka


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