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Copyright © 2014-2015 Elkapatelka No7 Body Shimmer Aftersun Boots

This is a “must have” in your holidays suitcase: an after-sun subtle  shimmering gold body lotion, hypoallergenic, very important for hyper-sensitive or allergic skin.

A lot of girls and boys get some tan in the parks of London. To preserve the bronze you can use this product.

I have tested it on my Croatia’s holidays, it looked great.

No7  Body Shimmer Aftersun has a definitely fresh scent of Aloe Vera.

It has an elegant dark golden colour and a good, liquid consistence. Package is a strong plastic bottle, easy to hold in hand and pump is a very higenic solution for a holidays. Product will last longer if the dirt and air does not go inside while application.

I am not a fan of getting brown skin as I am aware of the skin cancer risk, but on my lightly tanned skin this product looked really good, especially in the evening. It does snot look like a cheap glitter-rather subtle and elegant. Your arms, legs or decollete will look amazing with the finish of No7 Shimmering Aftersun lotion.

I have selected it as it is hypo-allergenic.  It did not cause any  skin irritation.

It calmed a little bit my skin, counteracting the drying effects of the sun-this is what you need after the sun bath.

This aftersin works well with other No7 sun protection products-I blogged about some of them already here, as all of them are hypo-allergenic-important for all ladies with a hyper sensitive skin.

You can find on my blog the sun face moisturizer from No7, a review from last summer-an excellent product as well, which  I continued to use after my holidays, during all the sunny days in London-surprisingly we have a bit of sun here since the global warming is getting worse and worse.

I tried to get the ingredient list for you, but I could not find any information about it on Boots website-a little bit scary, isn’t it?

However, the best would be to avoid the sun damage and stay in the shadow between 10-15 when sun is the strongest, my dear!

Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!

Here is my rating:

Brand: No7 Boots
Category: Shimmer Aftersun Body Lotion

Size: 200ml

Price: ca £ 9.50

Elka’s rating: 6

6=Brilliant! I would buy it again.

No7 Shimmer Aftersun 2wm

Copyright © 2014-2015 Elkapatelka No7 Body Shimmer Aftersun Boots


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