Babylove Pflegemilk dm baby lotion for mum and baby

Babylove Pflegemilk

Copyright © 2014-2015 Elkapatelka Babylove Pflegemilk dm

A great baby lotion for mum and a baby with dry skin. If you like baby cosmetics, like I do, try this DM baby lotion. I buy baby shower gels or baby lotions as they all are all tested dermatologically very carefully, not like most advertised brands cosmetics. The baby product have higher quality standards as it touches the baby skin.

This baby lotion has enriching almond oil and Shea butter, without colorings, preservatives and paraffin oil, which can cause allergic reactions on sensitive skins.

This baby lotion is one of my favourite. Whenever I am in Germany I stock up with it at dm Drogerie- a German cosmetics discounter chain.

Babylove Pflegemilk has a typical baby scent. It will not disappear after a while, as it si quite oily and leaves the smooth but a bit sticky layer.

This baby milk has a rich, oily consistence, which I love. Dm baby lotion is white in colour and because of its consistence it does not soaks in quickly. You should better wait few minutes before you dress up. I usually dont wait as like this scent on my clothes.

It leaves the skin smooth and properly moisturized. After few days of regular use once a day, you will see the difference, especially if you suffer a dry skin conditions.

I am not sure for how old baby or newborn is this product for as there is no such information on the bottle, and it should be. Maybe it is not a requirement in Germany or Austria. In Poland we have that information always, if you can use it for newborns or not. That helps all mums with their shopping.

Babylove lotion bottle is a bit too small as it finishes quite quickly, but at the same time it is its advantage when traveling. I simply like its colours too-yellow and blue, and the lovely baby face smiling from the picture.

It is rather a lotion for cold seasons. In winter our skin needs more moisturizing covered with so many layers of clothes.

Of course to get it you need to find your way to the baby products section at dM, as it is designed for babys.

I love dm products!

Here is the ingredients list:

Aqua | Ethylhexyl Stearate | Isopropyl Myristate | Glycine Soja Oil | Polyglyceryl-2 Dipolyhydroxystearate | Glycerin | Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil | Parfum | Butyrospermum Parkii Butter | Glyceryl Oleate | Magnesium Sulfate | Cera Alba | Zinc Stearate | Tocopherol | p-Anisic Acid | Sodium Hydroxide

Babylove Pflegemilk

Copyright © 2014-2015 Elkapatelka Babylove Pflegemilk dm

Brand: dm
Category: Baby Lotion for dry skin
dm Baby Love Lotion Pflegemilk
Size: 250ml

Price: ca £ 1 (EUR 1.50)

Where to buy: online at if you live in Germany or Austria or personally in dm shops across Europe.

My rating:
6=Brilliant! I would buy it again.


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