For your sensitive skin – Bioderma Hydrating Face Serum

Bioderma Hydrabio Serum Concentre Hydrant

Copyright © 2014-2016 Elkapatelka Bioderma Hydrabio Serum

A subjective review :  My face skin is dehydrated and sensitive with the everyday stress signs.

As you know, my favourite hydrating serum is the one from Aldi. It is still my no 1.s

However I test with pleasure new cosmetics, just to change products from time to time, as dermatologists claim the skin gets used to the same face cream and it does not work so well anymore if we use it for too long without any break. Is it really like that or they try to sell us more? Well, we do not know. I know that our grannies applied only a simple Nivea cream and they had wonderful face skin.

Bioderma is a French cosmetics brand. As I mentioned in my earlier blog posts, I love French cosmetics, as they are high quality and most of them are just great. They do what they promise. French women are rather look obsessed and try to keep beauty but in a very natural way. I like it.

In French pharmacy I bought another two face products of Bioderma and was so keen to buy more, but had luggage limits ( I bought already two 500ml Bioderma Micele Liquid, but it was an offer of 14 EUR for two-you wont get those for that price and size in the UK).

It was in summer last year, so my skin was a bit dry because of sun exposure.

Serum is amazingly light and white-transparent in colour. Hydrabio is for very dehydrated and sensitive skin. It did not cause any allergic reaction. It leaves a protecting film shortly after application, but do not worry-this film disappears soon after few minutes. I felt that my skin was nicely calmed.

Here is what Bioderma says about its product:

“Every day, pollution, stress, cold weather, etc. disrupt the skin’s cellular activity. As a result, it becomes dehydrated, tight and uncomfortable and loses its radiance. Developed in the BIODERMA Research laboratories, the Aquagenium®  biological patent found in Hydrabio Légère retrains the skin to activate its natural moisturising capacities by stimulating the production of aquaporins, water channels in the skin, and retain the water it needs to be balanced.

Instructions for use

Morning and evening – 7 days a week

  • Apply Hydrabio Sérum in the morning and/or evening on your face and neck, after cleansing with Hydrabio Lait or Hydrabio H2O and toning with Hydrabio Tonique”


Well, I did not purchase either Hydrabio Lait nor Hydrabio H2O, but I will consider getting Hydrabio Tonique, as I use face toners every day, twice a day and it makes my sensitive skin feel good.




-it has perfume

-it is not hypoallergenic

-it has PEG/PPG

-it is quite expensive for 40 ml-gives me slightly less strong moisturising effect after an application than the Aldi hydrating serum.

Brand: Bioderma
Category: Hydrating Face Serum for Sensitive Skin
Name: Bioderma Hydrabio Serum
Made in: France
Price: ca 15 EUR
Elka’s rating: 6

Elka’s rating:

1=Wasted money
2=I bought it so will finish it..a trap of a bad purchase decision
3=Just OK
4=Good, but has some failures
5=Very good
6=Excellent, I would buy it again!

Bioderma Hydrabio Serum Concentre Hydratant Peaux Tres Deshydra

Copyright © 2014-2016 Elkapatelka Bioderma Hydrabio Serum

Would I buy it again? Well, I do not know. Yes! It is my no2 after Aldi’s hydrating serum.




2 comments on “For your sensitive skin – Bioderma Hydrating Face Serum

  1. wasmachtHeli says:

    There are lots of moisturizing ingredients on the INCI list. Great.
    I’ve never tried this, nor the Aldi serum. They both sound good though, it may just be a matter of price in the end.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Elka Patelka says:

    Thanks Heli. Yes, it feels good after application, a deep moisturisation, but the Aldi’s one has slightly richer, but non sticky formula, which I prefer.


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