Christmas activity esl adults

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July 8, 2019
christmas activity esl adults

The good news is that christmas lessons can be both fun and effective for adults, provided you choose activities targeted to their goals with english speaking, listening, vocabulary and cultural understanding. Since i focused on this, my esl christmas lessons for adults have been some of the best in town.

Nothing shows love at christmas like a basket full of christmas cards. The holidays are often the one time of year we hear from long ago friends and distant family. Writing greeting cards also happens to be a great activity for esl students.

Esl christmas activity - listening, reading and matching - low intermediate (b1) - 25 minutes. This christmas worksheet activity is based on the story a christmas carol by charles dickens. The worksheet can be used to check the students comprehension of the book or film. The students begin by reading an introduction to the story at the top.

Christmas activities for adults printable 5 free download & print hard printable word searches for adults christmas activity. Christmas activities for adults printable 6 free download & print 25 unique christmas activities for adults ideas on pinterest.

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This is a christmas lesson in which students will review christmas vocabulary, find out about christmas celebrations around the world, read a text about peoples attitudes to christmas in the uk, write a christmas themed poem and talk about unusual christmas gifts.

A collection of english esl christmas worksheets for home learning, online practice, distance learning and english classes to teach about. This is an activity designed to deductively teach adult learners how to use the simple present and the present continuous.