Church retreats for adults

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July 8, 2019
church retreats for adults

Church retreats are a great way for students, adults and couples in your congregation to intentionally pause life for a brief period and start to implement true change. By incorporating a great theme with lots of thoughtful planning and prayer, you can begin to create that opportunity for life change that god opens up in a special way at church.

Every season, we like to get away from the chaos of the city to hang with other young adults and have some fun.

Whether youre newly exploring christian faith or youve been following jesus for a while, we invite you to connect in what we call biblical community. You can experience this unique kind of community at rockland, in relationship with others who seek to deeply and actively grow in the love and knowledge of jesus.

For example, the church administrative board may plan a retreat to determine the budget for the coming year and agree on various projects and programs that need to be on the calendar. The youth, womens and mens ministries may go on retreats to focus on spiritual growth or to build community.

В  slightly fewer young adults are dropping out of church after high school, but those who do have more serious reasons for leaving than a decade ago.

Mens and womens fall retreats on the church calendar youll find the dates for our mens and womens retreats. This is an important time where the saints get away for a couple days to worship god, be encouraged in his word and richly fellowship. Of course there is plenty of time for fishing, hiking, sports, playing.

We even have a variety of retreats for adults throughout the conference to enjoy! Youth workers sabbatical. Youth workers unite! Gather for a much needed time of sabbath and to worship, explore various spiritual practices, rest, and spend time in connection with one another.

What happens in church buildings and the surrounding communities every day is extraordinary, but sometimes people need to step away from the comfort of home and experience god in a new way.

The senior adults of first baptist church go on a three-day retreat to alto frio baptist encampment in may. At this retreat, senior adults enjoy table games, outdoor activities, great meals, worship, and lessons from a variety of guest speakers each year.