Churches in denver for young adults

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July 8, 2019
churches in denver for young adults

В  flatirons community church in lafayette has tons and tons of young people, and lots of events for them to all get together at. Its a bit of a hike from denver, but it is a very friendly non-denominational christian church with a very young vibe.

New denver is a generationally-diverse community where young adults can get to know people their own age and stage of life and develop relationships with people in other seasons of life. We dont segregate young adults into a separate program but help them to integrate in our community through connect events, discipleship groups, and service.

A non-denominational church in the bonnie braewash park neighborhood of denver. Our mission is to lead people in a growing relationship with jesus christ.

The university young adult ministry (yam) is a ministry for all young adults from college age to early 30s.

Nicholas lebish on how you can commit to making the bible an integral part of your life.

New denver church comes up quickly on an internet search of denver and church.

Denver reformed church - the gospel is the good news of abundant life in jesus christ if we submit to him as lord before savior in the relationship of covenant through his church.

Ya fam! For the time being we will not be meeting together, but no matter the distance, we still want to stay connected to you.

The young adult ministry creates a space for young adults to connect and explore whats next faith. For info about where we meet, contact pastor joey at (303) 256-1226 or jmetzlercoloradocommunity.