Alverde Vanille Mandarine Shower Gel dm drogerie

Alverde Vanille Mandarin Shower Gel wm2

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Brand: Alverde Balea dm drogerie
Category: shower gel
Name: Vanilla Alverde Shower Gel
Country origin: made in Germany
Price: ca EUR 2
Size:200 ml
Elka’s rating / Ocena Elki : 6

Elka’s rating:

1=Wasted money/ wyrzucone pieniadze/
2=So sood biedy mozna uzyc / So so
3=Just OK / Jest OK, ale szalu nie ma
4=Very good, but not ideal / bardzo dobry, ale nie idealny
6=Excellent, I would buy it again! Idealny-kupilabym ponownie


Opinion about the product: Alverde Naturkosmetik is a brand of dm drogerie from Germany focuses on natural ingredients based products, not animal tested , in attractive prices.

Alverde Vanille Mandarine Pflege-Dusche is for those of you who like to bake and smell of mandarin and vanilla aromas.

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Dry Skin Shower Oil Balea


Duschöl shower oil Balea

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Brand: dm drogerie Balea
Category: shower oil
Name:Balea Duschgoel -shower oil
Country origin: Germany
Price: ca €2
Size:250 ml
Elka’s rating:4

Opinion about the product: Very nice smell of Balea Duschöl convinced me to purchase it. As any other dm drogerie product, it is cheaper and high quality shower oil in comparison to brand products like Nivea.
More than 70% of the oils in the product are vegetable oils. It does not contain paraffin oils, but it does contain vitamin E. You can feel that while having a shower, it leaves the skin well moisturized, and you don’t need to apply a body lotion.

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